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Vimeo Announces "Share the Screen" Intiative to Support Female Filmakers

Vimeo Announces "Share the Screen" Intiative to Support Female Filmakers

Vimeo Announces "Share the Screen" Intiative to Support Female Filmakers

Vimeo is making a much-needed and very exciting move to support female filmmakers.


Female filmmakers have been getting a pretty short end of the cinematic stick for the last well - entire history of cinema. Variety recently reported that of the 250 top films of 2015, only 9% were directed by women - the same statistic from 1998. So what's to be done about a seemingly unshatterable glass ceiling? Well, video streaming service Vimeo is taking a stand and starting the "Share the Screen" Initiative, which, according to this blog post from Director of Production Andrea Allen, vows to "foster equality by investing in female-led programming, educational workshops, meetups, interviews, and more that spotlight and support female voices in the Vimeo community."

"Gender inequality in filmmaking isn’t simply a woman’s problem: it’s everyone’s problem," Andrea writes, "When diverse voices are given equal consideration and weight, more informed artistic decisions are made, better stories are told — and it’s also the right thing to do as human beings." Hear, hear!

As TechCrunch details, "Share the Screen" launched at the Sundance Film Festival, and will be a part of the Women at Sundance program, which seeks to include female filmmakers, if not equally yet, much more in the forefront than Hollywood does. 25% of Sundance directors for the past 13 years have been female, and they continue to be a positive force for change. Vimeo will help fund and promote at least five female-driven projects in 2016, starting with Darby Forever, a short film written by and starring Saturday Night Live's Aidy Bryant and co-starring Natasha Lyonne and Retta. You can check out the trailer here:

You can follow "Share the Screen" updates on Vimeo's blog and pre-order Darby Forever now for $2.99. Andrea's post also encourages those who want to be involved to use the hashtag #ShareTheScreen and #behindthevid so your work can be seen and female filmmakers' work can be followed accessibly on social media. You can also kick-start your experience by checking out Vimeo's "Female-Directed, Vimeo-Approved" section here. Thank you, Team Vimeo, for taking a substantial step towards change in this industry. We can't wait to keep up with the amazing work of these featured female filmmakers!


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