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12 Evan Rachel Wood Throwbacks to Watch on Her Birthday

12 Evan Rachel Wood Throwbacks To Watch on Her Birthday

12 Evan Rachel Wood Throwbacks To Watch on Her Birthday

Spend the entirety of Evan Rachel Wood's birthday revisiting some of her coolest, cutest, and queerest hits!


It's Evan Rachel Wood's birthday, and thanks especially to her years of child stardom, we've got countless films, TV shows, and music videos with which to celebrate. ERW's been on the scene since 1994, but we feel like we've known and loved her for an eternity. But it's not just her illustrious career that won us over: in 2012, Evan came out as bisexual and has continued to be a proud, vocal member of the LGBT community, especially when it comes to taking down stigma surrounding bisexuality. She's also continued to make beautiful films, badass music videos, and as many dubsmashes as our Twitter feeds could possibly handle, and so here are the best of the best in honor of her birth 29 years ago!

12. When she channeled the one and only Madge in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story.

Weird Al Meets Madonna - Part

When icons homage icons we have no choice but to stan.

11. Her role in Once and Again, where she and Mischa Barton made kiss-tory.

Evan Rachel Wood kissing Mischa Barton!!!;)

As AfterEllen breaks down, this kiss marked the first time there were two same-sex female kisses in one episode on primetime, and the first time two teen girls had a relationship that lasted more than an episode. Holla for progress!

10. Evan's first leading role in a film was in Little Secrets, where she played a violinist with a whole lot of secrets.

It's an ERW classic you can watch with the whole family! And that will truly remind you of the curious fashions of the early 2000s.

9. Remember S1m0ne? That amazing and way too real movie about an AI actress?

L'il Evan plays Al Pacino's daughter in this forgotten film that's actually really good!

8. Thirteen, which shocked us all and threw Evan to the top of the scene.

In retrospect, do thirteen-year-olds even now really turn up like this? According to Nikki Reed, who co-wrote the screenplay based on actual events, they do, and Evan embodied the reasons for our concerns perfectly.

7. Never forget Evan Rachel Wood starred in a movie as Cate Blanchett's daughter, and it's called The Missing.

When Evan goes missing, Cate will do anything to get her back. And we will do anything to watch this movie again.

6. When Across the Universe made us fall in love with Evan as a singer too.

Across the Universe was many hit or miss moments weaved together, but every time Evan was onscreen she knocked it right out of the park.

5. Evan played gay yet again in The Wrestler as Mickey Rourke's character's daughter.

The Wrestler made a nice dent on the Oscar circuit in 2009, and Evan continued to make a nice dent in our hearts.

4. When she played Veda opposite Kate Winslet in HBO's Mildred Pierce miniseries.

Mildred Pierce is a classic, but if anyone was going to take on these iconic roles in this century, Evan and Kate are the only acceptable options. Evan was also nominated for a Golden Globe for this turn, so everyone clearly gets how great she is.

3. In a true (blood) stroke of genius, ERW played a lesbian vampire queen on the HBO vampire drama.

True Blood Season 2 Episode 11 - Yahtzee &

Casting - or a character description - has never been better.

2. And not only does Evan rock figuratively, she literally rocks in her band Rebel and a Basketcase.

It's as if she heard our subconscious prayers to have her in our lives more and then made this happen.

1. And as the robo-companion of our dreams Westworld.

Dolores in Her Most Emotional Scene "The Pain Is All I Have Left" -

Evan played Dolores, an AI in Westworld who clued to her identity and changed EVERYTHING.

And there you have it! Evan Rachel Wood has dominated the game in film, TV, and music, and isn't going anywhere for a long time! Next up...Broadway? Happy birthday to this fave!

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