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Ben Platt & Molly Gordon's Theater Camp Mockumentary Debuts Trailer

Ben Platt & Molly Gordon's 'Theater Camp' Mockumentary Debuts Trailer

Molly Gordon, Ben Platt
Searchlight Pictures/YouTube

This is the cringeworthy jog down memory lane all theater kids deserve.


Theater kids are getting the mockumentary treatment with the upcoming film Theater Camp, and the first trailer promises a hilariously embarrassing time for all.

The movie follows Ben Platt, Molly Gordon, and Noah Galvin as the staff of a rundown camp in upstate New York (called AdirondACTS, because no one can resist a good pun) as they try to save the camp from ruin while simultaneously clashing with the decidedly non-theatrical son (Jimmy Tatro) of the camp’s founder (Amy Sedaris), who steps up to run things after his mother falls into a coma.

The language barrier alone between Tatro’s Troy and the theater folks seems to serve as a constant source of humor and conflict in the trailer, as evidenced by Galvin’s character, Glenn, trying to explain to him the difference between “musicals” and “straight plays.”

“So then what would be a gay play?” Troy asks.

“I guess, um… a musical,” he replies.

The trailer also shines a spotlight on the young actors attending the camp, and for anyone who spent even a day in the theater world growing up, these two minutes alone are already rife with moments that are sure to send you spiraling back to those days, for better or for worse.

But for as much fun as Theater Camp pokes at its characters, it’s clear that the underlying love of theater that drives both them and the movie itself will shine in the end.

Theater Camp was written by Gordon, Galvin, and Nick Lieberman, with Lieberman and Gordan sharing directing duties. The film premiered at Sundance earlier this year and sold to Searchlight after receiving overall good reviews from critics, and is now expected to hit theaters July 14.

How can I watch Theater Camp?

Theater Camp will be released in theaters July 14, 2023.

How long is the Theater Camp movie?

Theater Camp has a runtime of 1 hour and 34 minutes.

Who bought Theater Camp?

Theater Camp was picked up by Searchlight at Sundance in a seven-figure deal.

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