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Steven Universe Attends His First Pride Parade in Fusion Frenzy Comic

Taylor Henderson

While most of us Steven Universe fans are still emotionally recovering from Cartoon Network's monumental season five finale, KaBOOM! studios took it upon themselves to get us even more in our feels with their latest fan comic, Steven Universe: Fusion Frenzy #1, where the Crystal Gems attend their first Beach City Pride Parade!

"It’s time for the fusions to shine in this 40-page special," reads the comic's description. "The fan favorite Steven Universe™ fusions get the spotlight as Stevonnie, Garnet, Smoky Quartz, Opal, and Sugilite take Beach City on in five fantastic tales!"

The fandom response has been overwhelmingly positive as fans swoon over the story. (I've even made one image my phone background!)

"Thanks due to so many," tweeted one of the comic's writers, Anthony Oliveira. "But most particularly to Rebecca Sugar for letting me play in this beautiful, wonderful queer sandbox."

Check out a few pages of the comic below:




And buy a digital copy of Steven Universe: Fusion Frenzy #1, here

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