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The MCU Now Has a Trans Character Thanks to Jessica Jones

The MCU Now Has a Trans Character Thanks to 'Jessica Jones'

The MCU Now Has a Trans Character Thanks to 'Jessica Jones'

This is another big step for trans inclusion!


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken a major steps towards inclusion for LGBTQ people. 

Season 3 of Jessica Jones, the popular Netflix series based on the Marvel Comics character that takes place in the same universe as the popular Avengers films, just introduced a new character named Gillian to their roster! 

Played by openly trans actress Aneesh Sheth, Gillian is Jessica's new assistant. The best part about Gillian's character, though, is that in the series she is simply allowed to be, with no major plot point revolving arround her gender identity.

"I am transgender and the character of Gillian is also trans. But there’s no mention of her being trans within the show, nor a narrative around her identity," Sheth said in an interview with the UK's iNews.  "Which I think is wonderful because trans people exist in the world and it’s not always about their [trans] narrative."

Considering Marvel Studios' questionable past when it comes to LGBTQ rep (remember Joe Russo's incredibly short gay role in Avengers: Endgame that left many queer fans rolling their eyes?), this is definitely a step in the right direction! 

And yet another reason to love Jessica Jones!

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Season 3 of Jessica Jones is now streaming on Netflix!

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