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7 Cartoon Characters That Are Definitely Bi Icons

7 Cartoon Characters That Are Definitely Bi Icons

7 Cartoon Characters That Are Definitely Bi Icons

Animated shows feature some of our fave depictions of bisexuality! 


Cartoons have brought a smile — and some deep belly laughs — to adults and children alike. The best animated shows are ones the viewers can relate to, which is why there are a growing number of queer depictions in cartoons, including those who are on the bisexual spectrum!

Here are 7 cartoon characters that depict bisexual attractions!

1. Stewie Griffin, Family Guy

In the many, many seasons that Family Guy has aired, Stewie Griffin has been nondiscriminatory about the genders he's been attracted to. He may just technically be a baby, but he's definitely bisexual. 

2. Korra, The Legend of Korra

Back in 2014, Nickelodeon surprised fans by confirming the bisexual subtext between the show's lead character Korra and her friend Asami!

3. Roger Smith, American Dad

American Dad's Roger is a costume-wearing, gender-bending, pansexual alien. In an episode in season six, Roger identifies himself as pansexual while comparing himself to bisexual actor, Andy Dick: "Oh my God, another fey, pansexual, alcoholic non-human! I've been replaced!"

4. Pam Poovey, Archer

Pam is really into kinky sex and isn't afraid to get dirty with men and women. She's sex-positive and into voyeurism, group play, and various other kinks. She's a bisexual kink icon.

5. Sterling Archer, Archer

Super spy Archer has a thing for the ladies. He's something of a womanizer sexing models and fellow spies. Yet, he's had some intense bromances that had romantic subtext. He even locks lips as a dying wish for a gay, drug-dealing friend.

6. Bob, Bob's Burgers

In season 4's Thanksgiving episode of comedy fave Bob's Burgers, Bob buys turkey after turkey after they mysteriously end up in the toilet. The cashier assumes Bob is hitting on him because he keeps coming in to buy turkeys. When Bob turns him down, he doesn't say that it's because he isn't into men, just that he's married. (He still got the cashier's number, tho!) 

7. Rick, Rick & Morty

Alcoholic scientist Rick from Adult Swim's Rick and Morty was shown as being pansexual (confirmed by creators) in the episode "Auto Erotic Assimilation."

Do you have more bisexual cartoon icons on your radar? Let us know in the comments and on Twitter?

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