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Harley Quinn Renewed For Season 3 With a New Home

'Harley Quinn' Renewed For Season 3 With a New Home

'Harley Quinn' Renewed For Season 3 With a New Home

Harlivy is coming back! 


Buckle up, clowns! DC Universe’s Harley Quinn is heading back to the small screen for a third season!

The news broke on Friday, a week after DC FanDome, where several other major announcements, including the renewal of Doom Patrol, were made.

HQ’s renewal isn’t particularly surprising — considering the state of Hollywood productions during COVID-19, animated stories are safer to produce right now than live action. And the raunchy cartoon seemed to do well for DC Universe, and gained a lot of fans — and queer devotion — on the way.

But the show will be headed over to HBO Max for the third season — which also isn't surprising, considering DC Universe's struggle to gain a proper foothold in the streaming world. The streaming service is dropping all its original scripted content, moving its video library to HBO Max, and refocusing on comics.

When we last saw Harley, she had rescued Poison Ivy and Kite-Man from Commissioner Gordon and his plot to arrest them and all their villainous guests at their wedding. In such a selfless act, Harley proved to Ivy that she had changed, and the two decided to give their budding relationship a chance (sorry, not sorry, Kite-Man), riding off into the sunset together as the world burned behind them.

Showrunners Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker already discussed some of their plans for a potential season three, back when it was just a mere idea and not the excellent reality we’ve now been presented with.

“If we're lucky enough to get a Season 3, and we truly don't know yet, but if we are we're not going to walk [Harley and Ivy] back. They're a couple,” Schumacker told Syfy Fangrrls. “Any stakes that we want to build into the season moving forward are not going to involve [the question of] ‘Will they be able to stay in a relationship?’ They're going to be a couple.”

And we're totally ready for it.

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