WATCH: Let Rachel Maddow School You on DOMA!

WATCH: Let Rachel Maddow School You on DOMA!

Have you ever wanted to go to school where Rachel Maddow was the professor? While it’s not quite like sitting in class with Maddow at the podium and you writing “I heart you” on your eyelids so you can bat them at her (oh wait, that was a dream I had), Wednesday’s The Rachel Maddow Show was like a DOMA primer with Rachel as the teacher.

In response to the Supreme Court’s hearing on DOMA Maddow broke down the federal marriage ban pretty much from its start in 1996 to the present.

Here’s just about everything you ever wanted to know about DOMA in a pretty package courtesy of Rachel Maddow! Just watch her break it down and you’ll have a handy guide to dismantling your conservative cousin’s anti-marriage equality argument at the family Easter dinner table.

Supreme Court Justices trade barbs over DOMA challenge: 

The road that led to the DOMA challenge: 


GOP holds breath amid marriage equality sea change: 


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