WATCH: This Amazing Rant About Gays Hating on Macklemore for his 'Privilege'

Tracy E. Gilchrist

YouTube personality Arielle Scarcella is best known for her on-point and humorous series Lesbians Explain… in which she examines aspects of lesbian life. But following the Grammy Awards Arielle delivered this pro-Macklemore rant that is so on-point it blows the haters right out of the water.

In her 3-minute video Arielle takes on LGBTs who’ve taken issue with Macklemore for using his “cisgender male privilege” as a platform for marriage equality. The latest round of bashing came after  33 same and opposite sex couples were wed on national television on the Grammy Awards during Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ hit “Same Love.”

Here’s Arielle dismantling anti-Macklemore arguments! 

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