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Below Her Mouth Is 2017's Feminist Version of Blue Is the Warmest Color

'Below Her Mouth' Is 2017's Feminist Version of 'Blue Is the Warmest Color'

'Below Her Mouth' Is 2017's Feminist Version of 'Blue Is the Warmest Color'

This film was made explicitly not for men. Enjoy.


Your next favorite secret-romance, while-the-fiancé-is-away story will hit select theaters on April 28 as Below Her Mouthmakes its mainstream theatrical debut in the states.

The film features a passionate love affair between Jasmine (Natalie Krill) and Dallas (Erika Linder). Linder plays a lesbian roofer and Krill plays a straight-like-spaghetti fashion editor. What's more, they're temporary neighbors while Jasmine's soon-to-be husband is out of town. 

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April Mullen, the film's director, said in an interview with Cult Montreal the film's task of portraying lesbian sex sans male-gaze required her to revisit her experience in filmmaking.

"When I was shot-listing, blocking and sort of choreographing and production-designing everything to do with the film, I had to constantly forget about everything I had watched — advertising, TV or film — that were primarily made with male audiences in mind, I had to forget about all those images I had been exposed to my whole life when it comes to sex and intimacy and love and just look inwardly and be really attuned to what affects me as a woman and what really turns me on and what draws me close to want to be intimate with someone."

Check your local movie listings for a screening Below Her Mouth, and catch the trailer below.

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