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15 Memes That Hilariously and Tragically Sum Up Last Night's Debate

15 Memes That Hilariously and Tragically Sum Up Last Night's Debate

15 Memes That Hilariously and Tragically Sum Up Last Night's Debate

A meme is worth a thousand Trump interruptions. 


This presidential election is serious business, but sometimes we need a little meme culture to take the edge off. As the debate raged on last night, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook came to life with all sorts of viral jokes, observations, and playful coping mechanisms for this doom spiral of a year. From Trump takedowns to photoshop masterpieces to our own debates on how much alcohol we could get in our systems to make it through the night, here are some standout memes that brought the guffaws. Somewhat regrettably, we're also pretty sure there will be plenty more before it's time to hit the polls (register to vote here if you haven't!). Now, Hillary, shall we get started?



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15. Yep, it definitely kicked off pretty much exactly like this.



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14. And sometimes Hillary was able to say some parts of sounds that were the start of words before Trump interrupted! 



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13. It's safe to say this The Office meme was the standout of the evening.



12. But whoever used their video editing skills to make this throwdown happen deserves some applause.



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11. And photoshop magic came through for us again here (although, arguably, Voledemort had more of a plan for his villainous vision). 



10. Then Bitmoji got involved and pretty much nailed it.



9. And Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda ended up involved in the action too, because of course he did. 



8. Ghost was somehow as relevant as ever.



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7. Don't forget the swiftness with which Trump's sniffles took center stage.



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6. Because if meme culture can run with it, meme culture will make record time.




5. Mhmm, this was probably exactly what was going on there. Drink up.



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4. Though most people would argue this was Lester's outcome. 




3. When the most we related to Trump was when he sounded just like us when we remembered we had a test that day as we were walking to class after a bender in college.



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2. Lena Dunham got it right with this spot-on comparison.




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1. And last but not least, when our childhoods returned to ruin themselves and embody how we all feel.



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Only three more debates to go, America. Will you be tuning in? What's your favorite debate drinking game? I think we can all agree on one thing, at least: November 8th can't get here soon enough.


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