How This Woman's Trans Pride Flag Inspired a Struggling Teen Neighbor

Taylor Henderson

Photos: PinkNews/Reddit

Proud of her gender identity, Audrey decided to hang a transgender pride flag in the front yard of her home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Little did she know the impact it would have.

Days ago, Audrey received a touching letter from a 15-year-old transgender boy who was inspired by her pride. She shared the note on Reddit

"Neighbor –

Thank you for having a trans flag waving in your yard. I am a 15-year-old trans boy living in an unsupportive household, but every time I see your flag, I feel better. I appreciate your existence and pride. THANK YOU.

P.S. My handwriting is so bad! I’m sorry!"

Audrey was overwhelmed with emotion from the note.

"This was left on my doorstep and it brought tears to my eyes," she wrote. "I hear you young man and I hope you keep your chin up!"

Audrey had no idea simply hanging a flag in her front yard could impact someone in this way. "I felt crushed that this teenager isn’t getting the support that they deserve, but I also felt truly inspired by them," she told PinkNews. "It must have taken a lot of courage to write the note and drop it off on a stranger’s doorstep."

She hopes the love she's received for the story will circle back to boy. "I genuinely hope that this young man sees the amount of attention and love his letter is receiving."

Reddit responded with overwhelming love.

"I have a trans flag hanging on my wall. After reading that latter, I'm considering moving it to the window where it can be seen," wrote one user.

"It’s really amazing what a flag can do. It shows people that they are not alone and it’s ok to be proud. It’s also courageous as fuck," wrote another. 

Audrey's now planning on buying more flags to hang up in front of her house. 

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