16-Year-Old Lesbian Brutally Beaten By Group of Men in Kentucky

16-Year-Old Lesbian Brutally Beaten By Group of Men in Kentucky

A 16-year-old girl was brutally beaten by a group of adult men in what her family says was an anti-gay hate crime in Louisville, KY on Tuesday, NBC’s 9 News reports.

The girl was with two male friends, ages 13 and 15, walking to a store around the corner. The boys’ mother, Andi Hornback, said she received a call around 1 a.m. Tuesday asking her to come meet them because there were “four grown-ups following us a little too close.”

Before the boy could give his mother their exact location, the men started yelling anti-gay slurs at the girl, who is a lesbian, according to the news report. By the time Hornback arrived, a bystander had called 911 and EMS and police were on the scene.

The girl’s jaw was broken in several places to where she’ll need a plate put in her jaw, and she had several teeth knocked out. She is recovering at home. One of the boys suffered a concussion trying to help her.

"I think she was targeted for being a strong lesbian young girl," said Brenda Hickerson, a family friend. “This was a hate crime.”

Louisville Metro Police are investigating the incident. 

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