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Republican Mitt Romney proves he's a huge HYPOCRITE by saying Biden should pardon Trump

The internet is roasting Mitt Romney for his terrible perspective on Donald Trump's crimes.

6 times Joe Biden ROASTED Republicans, proving he's the king of clapbacks

We may vote for Biden based on hilarious jokes alone!

Lauren Boebert's clap back FAILS after Biden LEVELED her with a 'Beetlejuice' jab

We're calling it: Biden is secretly hilarious!

Biden campaign RUTHLESSLY trolls Ron DeSantis for 'kissing' Trump's ring while we CACKLE

Don't be a hypocrite if you don't want to be mocked, Ron!

Log Cabin Republicans chapter wishes for death of Joe Biden using 'kombucha girl' meme

The national group held a fundraising event last weekend at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene was DUNKED ON by her own party & we can't stop CACKLING

MTG was called a 'waste of time' by a fellow Republican!

U.S. may pull plug on TikTok

As the new law hits Biden's desk, what does a TikTok ban actually mean for users? Here's the rundown.

Watch President Biden dunk on Lauren Boebert with just two words while we LAUGH

Our new favorite thing is watching Biden eviscerate MAGA Republicans with his sense of humor!

Joe Biden is ROASTING Trump for falling asleep during trial and we can't stop LAUGHING

He's like the racist, homophobic grandpa no one wants to visit.

Trump is no longer dog whistling and the internet is ruthlessly ROASTING him — as they should be

Also, he seems to forget that he's running against Biden and not Obama!