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6 Times Taylor Swift Set Off Our Gaydar

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EJ Rosetta

We SO want T-Swift on our team. And when you wish for something hard enough, it usually comes true, right? Here are 6 times Taylor Swift totally set off our gaydars. 

1. When she "made out" with Karlie Kloss

OK, so it turned out they were just BFF's. But we were super excited there for a second. 

2. Any Time She's With Her Cat

T-Swift has owned multiple cats and is known to travel with her feline BFF. Such a lesbian trait. 

3. This Suit

She f**king rocks the lesbian power suit vibe.

4. Her BFF Cara Delevigne

Taylor and Cara set rumour mills flying when they Instagrammed their blossoming friendship. We all hoped it would turn in to something more, but were sadly mistaken. 

For now...?

5. In Fact, Just All Of "Bad Blood"

I mean that many hot power women in one place was just too much for our gaydar.

6. Her Dating Regime

The on-off, up-down insta-commitment nature of T-Swifts well publisized dating life is so lesbian-centric. She'd totally U-Haul. 

But although it's all wishful thinking, I think I speak for lesbians anywhere when I say, Taylor, You'd be more than welcome to join our team any time. Seriously. Think on it. Please. I mean, at least give it a try...

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