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Zendaya Confirms a Special Euphoria Bridge Episode Is in the Works

Zendaya Confirms a Special 'Euphoria' Bridge Episode Is in the Works

Zendaya Confirms a Special 'Euphoria' Bridge Episode Is in the Works

Some new Euphoria should be coming our way soon!


The worldwide pandemic might have put production of the second season of HBO's popular (and queer-inclusive) teen drama series Euphoria on hold (for now), but according to Zendaya herself, there's still something special on the way for the stans to look forward to! 

As previously reported, Zendaya teased that special "bridge" episodes of Euphoria were being considered that could be filmed and produced safely in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Now, in a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with guest host Ben Platt, Zendaya seems to be officially confirming that a special bridge episode is in the works! 

"We’re trying to figure out how to eventually be able to create a season two that we’re all really proud of and get all the best out of it that we want, but also still being very safe," the Emmy nominee told the Tony winner during her virtual appearance on the late-night talk show. "So, we might end up doing a little bridge episode."

She continued: 

"I don’t really know how to describe it, but an episode that we can do with a limited amount of people in a safer environment that can give people something...and give everyone who loves the show a little something so we have something to live on until we are able to go into season two."

"I do miss Rue," Zendaya previously told InStyle magazine earlier this month about how much she misses the critically-acclaimed series and about getting back into the main role of Rue when the time comes. "She's like my little sister in a lot of ways. And going back to that character is a home base for me. There is a beautiful second season that has been written, but in order to do it the way we want to do it, we need to wait until it's safer."

While it's still going to be a while until we get the full-on, season 2 experience, at least we'll have this upcoming special to hold us over until then! 

Watch Zendaya's full Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview with Ben Platt in the video below! 

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