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The Fosters Recap: Meet Sophia, Callie's Half-Sister!

The Fosters Recap: Meet Sophia, Callie's Half-Sister!

The Fosters Recap: Meet Sophia, Callie's Half-Sister!

The Fosters is action-packed this week as families are brought together, jobs are on the line, and Mariana learns a dark dance team secret.


It's a momentous week for everyone here on The Fosters. Some long-term plotlines finally meet their expiration date (hopefully), and some entirely new doors are opened. But first, some fun news! As the group cleans out the garage to create a practice space for Brandon's band, Lena accidentally spills that the new baby is going to be a girl. Speaking of girls, Callie hasn't told Jude yet about her mysterious half-sister who wants to meet her. She struggles a bit to find the right language when comparing her relationship with Sophia to her's with Jude, and insists that he is her full-out brother regardless of them not having the same dad. She asks for his blessing to visit Sophia, and while he doesn't really give an answer, he does smile in agreement. Hold tight, this will become important later.

It's a rough week for Lena, guys. She's in the final stages of being interviewed for the position of school principal, but Sperm Donor Timothy, who's on the search committee, isn't making anything easier. He tells her in private he's hired an attourney to represent his "interests" regarding the baby, and even potentially sabotages her at her very successful interview by grilling her about her pregnancy in front of everyone. Clearly frustrated, Lena finally confronts him, believing that he approached her about the lawyer to try and barter with her for the principal position, and gives him a stern talkin' to about integrity. She breaks down all the reasons why Timothy has been a pretty terrible person lately, and even he can't argue. 

Oh Mariana, will your life ever not be stressful and awkward? No! The dance team is semi-shaken by the removal of April, whose behavior at the party last week apparently warranted her removal. We all know it was Caitlyn's behavior that needed removing, but we'd never dare suggest the bitchy drama queen be ex-communicated. Speaking of drama, dance team member Haley mentions to Mariana that she and Jesus hooked up at the party, and that Jesus hasn't called her since. It's not the phone call faux pas that sets Mariana off, however, it's the Jesus keeps sleeping with her friends. But Mariana's a good friend and demands Jesus call Haley because if he's going to romance all her pals, he might as well be a gentleman about it. Just another reason to adore Mariana, as if we needed one.

Cute couple alert! While canoodling on the beach, Wyatt whispers that he'd like to take things a step further. No can do, says Callie, celibacy is part of her parole. Wyatt says he'll wait and that he loves her. She doesn't respond. That night, back at the house, Lou comes over for band practice and notices the potential of a little something-something between Brandon and Callie. Brandon defends her sisterliness against Lou's skepticism, but he also won't let the band use the song "Outlaws" because it's "personal" (though he doesn't mention it's Callie-personal). The show insisted at that point we tweet the hashtag "#BrandonandLou," so clearly their antagonistic banter exists purely to amp up the sex appeal.

I hope you haven't forgotten the impending dance team try-outs! It seems that Caitlyn has planted her friend Jena to steal the show, but a surprise auditonee, Tia, proves to be the strongest dancer. The team votes, and Tia wins all except one vote; Mariana. Mariana goes on to explain that Tia may not be the best choice for the team because she won't "blend in." Everyone takes this quite literally since Tia's black, and at this point it's much less offensive for Mariana to go on to explain that she actually meant a) Tia's too good of a dancer entirely for the team and then b) she thought they were supposed to vote for Jena because she's Caitlyn's friend. Even Caitlyn admits that's not how the team works, and Mariana switches her vote. Welcome to the team, Tia!

Time for the big meet n' greet! Stef takes the nervous Callie to meet Sophia at her giant mansion, and immediately the Quinn family is picture perfect. The stories of Callie's juvie experience seems to shock the prim bunch, but Callie's candid about her life story. Sophia breaks up the awkwardness by taking Callie to see her room, and we quickly find out that the poor girl is a trophy-winning perfectionist who's in SAT prep classes as a freshman. The rich life ain't always the comfy life it seems, and the strain is showing on Sophia. When asked what she does for fun, she responds, "School's fun, I guess," so we know her soul is probably crushed inside. Callie tells Sophia she has a boyfriend, and in a moment of surprising (/forced) admits she loves Wyatt, but feels she'd be betraying an old love by telling him so. The two ultimately get along and decide they must hang out!

Meanwhile, instead of putting the heat on Robert, Stef learns his backstory. He never knew Callie's mom was pregnant, and believes she never told him because his rich family would try to take the baby away. He had met her mom on a break from grad school, and she was an employee at the beach club his family belonged to. His family believed she was a gold digger and immediately disliked her, but the two eloped anyway. His parents found out, and he eventually gave in to the pressure. The marriage was disolved, and now Robert declares it, "The single greatest regret of my life." He asks Stef if it would be okay for him to set up a college fund for Callie because he wants to contribute something to her life as her father, and he seems so genuine Stef considers the offer.

After doing some reseach into potentially mandatory diversity on the team with Lena (it's encouraged, but not enforced), Mariana confronts Haley about why she's really been included. Haley gives in and tells her that the advantage isn't her race, but that her mother's probably going to be principal and the team doesn't think the program will get cut if the principal's daughter is on it ("Great, so I'm the Geico lizard of the dance team," is the line of the night). Haley comforts Mariana, saying that it's perfectly natural to use the natural advantages one has, and that she's gotten so much better she could "almost make the team anyway." You can literally hear Mariana's dreams dying. But Haley's not here to ruin Mariana's life, she's here to have sex with Jesus, and as the two go at it, Emma shows up for a visit. Mariana tells Emma Jesus isn't home, because even at her most tragic moments she's still a dedicated sister and friend.

Bad news, everyone. Timothy shows up to apologize to Lena and tell her he voted for her, so we all now know she didn't get the job. Timothy explains her he wasn't trying to sabotaged her, but had asked about her pregnancy because he knew everyone was thinking about it, and she'd handled it perfectly. He also tells her all the teachers had voted for her, but even despite that someone corporate was brought in instead. Timothy does redeem himself by handing over the donor papers, so at least it's not all the worst (though it does kind of suck for Mariana, who has officially lost her dance team leverage). That night, Stef comforts Lena, and Lena wonders if her pregnancy really does have to do with why she didn't get the job. Stef also catches Lena up on the Quinn Family Experience, and tells Lena that while she thinks the whole college fund idea is uncomfortable, it was clearly important for Callie to meet the family. She suggests that it might be a good idea to let Timothy be a part of the child's life, not as a father, but someone there to provide love and support. And we do know this family is all about love and support!

Brandon asks Callie if she's comfortable with the band playing "Outlaws," since it was written for her. He felt like it might be betraying something for them to play it, but she gives him the okay. Set free, she immediately calls Wyatt to tell him she loves him too, and it looks like we can finally put that Brallie semi-incestual plot to bed (so to, uh, speak). Oh, but before we go, remember how Jude stopped talking completely during the episode? The family finally realizes they should address this, but when they confront him, he won't answer. Not even to Callie. Kind of an eerie way to end the episode, but next week's promo shows we'll finally deal with Brandon sleeping with his dad's girlfriend, so it looks like the eerie drama isn't going anywhere, folks!

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