4-Year-Old Australian Petitions Prime Minister to Let 'Girls Marry Girls'

4-Year-Old Australian Petitions Prime Minister to Let 'Girls Marry Girls'
Sunnivie Brydum

Sabrina Franco is a smart, compassionate little girl. Although she's only four years old, she understands the importance of Australia's public broadcasting system, and totally gets that love is love, regardless of gender. 

And she penned a sweet letter to Australia's conservative prime minister urging him to come to the same common-sense realizations she has. 

Franco lives in western Sydney, and wrote the letter to the prime minister after she found out her mother's good friends — a gay male couple — had to go to New York to get legally married, since Australia doesn't perform or recognize same-sex marriages. 

"Dear Tony Abbott," writes Franco in lovely rainbow colors on classic Disney princess paper. "Don’t get rid of the ABC [Australian Broadcasting Company] because we love it. And let boys marry boys and girls marry girls if they love each other or they’ll be sad forever.

Thank you.


Lukas Picton, the family friend who had to go to New York to marry his husband, told Australia's LGBT news outlet the Star-Observer that he was touched by the toddler's gesture. 

"Not only does Sabrina have an excellent grasp of the English language for a four year-old, but she is also incredibly social aware," Picton told the Star-Observer.

"This letter really shows that prejudice and discrimination are engrained traits that we teach our children and that acceptance and understanding of equal love comes naturally to them."

The Australian news outlet reports that despite numerous requests made to Abbot's office, the prime minister has yet to respond to Franco's letter. 

Read the letter for yourself below: 

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