Kara Laricks' Genderless Style Wows 'Fashion Star' Buyers Again

Kara Laricks' Genderless Style Wows 'Fashion Star' Buyers Again

Out designer Kara Laricks has yet another Fashion Star success under her belt! In the Week 8: What’s Your Campaign episode, Saks Fifth Avenue buyer Terron Schaefer purchased Kara’s Tuxedo Shirt, but only after winning a bidding war with H&M buyer Nicole Christie.

This week the designers were challenged to create an advertising campaign that captured their brand in just one image. The mentors (John Varvatos, Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson) called in Glamour magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Cindi Leive, to help the designers with their campaigns.

Kara designed her own version of a tuxedo shirt, and an ad campaign telling a story of a genderless world. She had her model pose styled two different ways – one had the model with feminine styling, the other with more masculine styling. Kara was thrilled with the shoot, and even more excited that she could now send the message she didn’t get to send as a teacher: you can be whoever you want to be. And now she is out, proud, and wants to encourage others to be whoever they want to be. Check out the clip below:

The image chosen for the ad campaign was revealed just before the models walked the runway. John Varvatos was in awe, and told Kara that if he saw her ad, he would immediately go online to find out more about who she is and what her collection is about. We would too! (You can vote for your favorite ad campaign on the Fashion Star website.)

Kara nailed the challenge by creating a very strong and clear ad that tells the story of her brand, and received positive feedback from the mentors and buyers. As for the bidding, H&M and Saks entered simultaneous bids of $50,000 for Kara’s Tuxedo Shirt, and thus, a bidding war began. In the end, Saks made the buy for $80,000, but not without H&M telling Kara they are saving up money to buy her designs in the coming weeks. Get Kara's shirt at Saks now. Watch the clip:

Don't forget to vote on your favorite campaign here, and purchase her shirt from Saks here!

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