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Where The Girls Are on TV: Oivia Wilde, Edie Falco, Mary Louise Parker

Where The Girls Are on TV: Oivia Wilde, Edie Falco, Mary Louise Parker

Greek's Dilshad Vasaria goes lesbian for a hot minute. Olivia Wilde, House's resident bisexual, strips down for GQ. Jane Lynch rocks several Adidas track suit in Glee. Sopranos' star Edie Falco gives a lot of little pricks in Nurse Jackie. And Mary Louise Parker is back as America's favorite weed-peddling MILF.

This week on Greek, Rebecca (Dilshad Vasaria), the sorority’s newly out lesbian goes on a date with the girl that started it all. Now, I have to say, this story started out with promise. Rebecca had done great. She came out to her sisters, she came out to herself, her gay membership and Home Depot credit card were in the mail. Except, she overlooked one minor detail. She isn’t really gay.



Why the change of heart? Perhaps sweeps were over? Maybe she tried on some plaid, and it just didn’t look good on her.

Conveniently, in the episode, Rebecca waits till after her hot and heavy make out session to tell Robin she doesn’t really play for their side. She probably just wanted to make absolutely sure she wasn’t one last time before she ended her 4-day stint as a lesbian. And of course, the ever-understanding Robin wasn’t upset at all a deemed Rebecca a LUG (lesbian until graduation). Too bad this lesbian didn’t wait until graduation before she hung up her Doc Martins. She could’ve been capable of breaking a couple hearts before she was through.

This short-lived storyline kind of reminds me of Alex and Marissa on The OC. So promising. So genuine. So HOT. And then out of nowhere Olivia Wilde’s character had to turn into Orange County’s worst lesbian stereotype personified.

It looks like Callie and Arizona can keep their crowns as TV’s resident Lesbo "it" couple.

Speaking of Wilde things, resident bisexual Olivia Wilde -- also more affectionately known as Thirteen -- on House, is featured in this month’s GQ to promote her new film Year One, also starring Michael Cera and Jack Black. In the interview, Wilde responds to Megan Fox’s hot crush on her in which the Transformers' hottie claimed that Wilde was so sexy, “she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands. She’s mesmerizing.” We know exactly what you mean Megan.



Though we haven’t heard much from House’s favorite intern lately, I won’t hesitate to take this opportunity to recount my favorite episode of the season, and subsequently my favorite episode of the entire series which revolved around our lovely bi doc.

Always mysterious and discreet about her sexual excursions, Thirteen gets tossed a curve ball when her one night stand overstays her welcome and becomes the next patient that House must treat. House doesn’t hesitate in giving his intern hell about the situation, and proceeds to put Thirteen in many a compromising situations. Though it only lasted an episode, it was nice to see some more back story to the stoic but sexy doe-eyed intern.

Last week finally premiered Fox’s highly anticipated pilot Glee, hot with the network's goldenchild American Idol lead-in. The dramedy that centered around high school hierarchies seemed promising, though it quite possibly ran the risk of being another cliché. Nonetheless, I decided to sit and watch, for the sake of seeing Jane Lynch play Sue Sylvester, the unapologetic, crass cheerleading coach.

The show was the perfect blend of humor and strong storyline, sprinkled with fun musical numbers including a rendition of Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” like you’ve never seen it before and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing.” And of course every television show wouldn’t be complete without at least a 10 second clip of “I kissed a girl.”

Though everyone will have to wait till fall to see the rest of the season, hopefully the show keeps its momentum.



Oh, and if anyone was wondering, I counted four different Adidas tracksuit changes on Lynch throughout the entire pilot.


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While this week concluded the last batch of finales, many of you may be wondering where to go to now for your fill of hot girls on TV. Not to worry, this my dears, was why cable television was created. And if you don’t have cable television, it would be smart to make a friend who does, or maybe even exchange a sexual favor or two to sneak a peak of Showtime. Don’t act like you haven’t for that latest episode of The L Word.

Geared up to premiere in June is the new series, Nurse Jackie, starring Soprano's hottie Edie Falco. Here’s what Showtime had to say about her character.



"Nurse Jackie Peyton is far from ordinary. As an ER nurse, she navigates the rough waters of a crumbling healthcare system, doing everything she can to provide her patients with the best care possible. Whether she’s lighting into a smug doctor for failing to heed her advice, or stealing a fat money clip from a man who stabbed a prostitute and giving it to a pregnant widow, or forging the organ donor card of a man who just died, Jackie Peyton is compelled to make sense of the chaos and to level the playing field whenever she can. Right or wrong, it’s Jackie’s brand of justice all made that more manageable by a daily diet of prescription pain medication."

 A nurse with a drug problem? Nice.

Also coming up on Showtime, our favorite drug-dealing mom Mary Louise-Parker returns for the 5th season of Weeds. Last season left Miss Mary Jane dealing with some trouble south of the border as she gets entangled with some business. As always, Showtime delivers in advertising Louise-Parker in something slutty, but don’t think I’m complaining here.



Rumored to guest star this season are stars Jennifer Jason Leigh, whom you might remember from the classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High and former angry girl Alanis Morissette, who is set to play Nancy’s obstetrician. Now there are many things I can say about Alanis Morisette being an obstetrician, but I’ll leave that up to you.


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