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Dad Passionately Fights For Trans Daughter's Rights, Celebs Show Love

Dad Passionately Fights For Trans Daughter's Rights, Celebs Show Love

Jennifer Lopez and Dwyane Wade thanked Brandon Boulware for his emotional plea for trans rights in Missouri. 


In an attempt to prevent the passing of anti-trans bill House Joint Resolution 53, Brandon Boulware gave a rousing testimony to the Missouri House of Representatives with the story of his transgender daughter. 

"For years, I didn’t get it," said Boulware, walking the House through the early years of his child's transition. "For years, I would not let my daughter wear girl clothes. I did not let her play with girl toys. I forced my daughter to wear boy clothes, get short haircuts and play on boy sports teams."

While he thought he was protecting her from bullying, he admits he hoped to "avoid those inevitable questions as to why my child did not look and act like a boy."

But he eventually realized that his daughter was "equating being good with being someone else. I was teaching her to deny who she is." That's when he began allowing his daughter to be herself, and she had "a total transformation."

"I now have a confident, a smiling, a happy daughter."

The impassioned speech has gone viral and struck a chord with people all over the world, including celebrities like pop superstar Jennifer Lopez and sports legend Dwyane Wade. 

The professional basketball player's daughter, Zaya Wade, came out as transgender last year and the proud father has become an outspoken ally for transgender rights. 

"I don’t know Brandon Boulware at all but I do know we have something real in common," Wade wrote on Instagram. "Here’s the one thing we can’t do 'SILENCE OUR CHILD’S SPIRIT.' Thank you for using your platform and sharing your family’s story! 'Our kids are more than bedrooms, bathrooms, and locker rooms.'"

Lopez is another vocal ally, regularly showing love and support to her transgender, non-binary nibling. "I love," J Lo tweeted with three heart emojis. "This touched me...a parent’s love…love changes the world…"

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