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Cara Delevingne Checked Into Rehab After Concerning Photos Last Year

Cara Delevingne Checked Into Rehab After Concerning Photos Last Year

Cara Delevingne
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The actress says she's now been sober for four months.


Cara Delevingne is opening up about being four months sober — and the paparazzi photos that helped her get to that point.

Last year, the actress sparked concern after being photographed allegedly exhibiting erratic behavior on several occasions, with photos of her bruised and acting strangely outside of an airport in Los Angeles in particular standing out.

Now, Delevingne admits the bruising was a result of questionable decisions she made “climb[ing] anything and jump[ing] off stuff” at Burning Man.

“There’s an element of feeling invincible when I’m on drugs,” she told Vogue in their cover story. “I put myself in danger in those moments because I don’t care about my life.”

Fans and friends were right to be concerned, as the Paper Towns actress had been spiraling throughout the pandemic.

“I was alone, really alone…it was a low point,” she said, referencing an isolation exacerbated by her breakup with Ashley Benson several months into quarantine. “I just had a complete existential crisis. All my sense of belonging, all my validation—my identity, everything—was so wrapped up in work. And when that was gone, I felt like I had no purpose. I just wasn’t worth anything without work, and that was scary.”

The paparazzi photos were eye-opening to both her and her loved ones, but it took a little bit longer for her to accept the help they offered after sharing their concerns. Ultimately, Delevingne says she checked herself into rehab in late 2022, following an intervention.

“I always thought that the work needs to be done when the times are bad, but actually the work needs to be done when they’re good,” she said. “The work needs to be done consistently. It’s never going to be fixed or fully healed but I’m okay with that, and that’s the difference.”

Who is Cara Delevingne in a relationship with?

Delevingne is currently dating musician Leah Mason aka Minke.

Are Cara and Poppy Delevingne sisters?


How old is Cara Delevingne?

Delevingne was born August 12, 1992.

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