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John Leguizamo Shared Support For Trans Community In Heartfelt Post

John Leguizamo Shared Support For Trans Community In Heartfelt Post

John Leguizamo

"Love is love. How beautiful is that."


John Wick and To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything! Julie Newmar star John Leguizamo has made his stance clear on the LGBTQ+ community in a new social media post.

Following the social and political attacks on the LGBTQ+ community as of late, Leguizamo posted an image of himself with yellow text over it on Twitter. "I support my trans brothers and sisters!" he captioned the photo. "Luv is luv ! More power to u!"

The photo reads, "I'm all for trans and lgbtq+ cause love is love. How beautiful is that. You want to be a woman or a man, I’m with you. Cause you impact my life in so many great ways. My fam, my friends, my co-workers and colleagues, I’m on your team."

Leguizamo is a long-time ally to the community, even starring in the 1995 cult classic To Wong Foo in drag as Chi Chi alongside Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze, and RuPaul herself.

Fans are not surprised at the open allyship, but they are grateful. Mason Alexander Park, the nonbinary star of Netflix's The Sandman series, replied with an especially heartfelt thanks.

"As a trans person of Latin descent… to see this from someone I have admired for ages (particularly for your remarkable work in Too Wong Fu) this means so much considering all the discourse out there right now," wrote Park. "Thank you for continuing to be a class act, and someone to look up to."

RuPaul's Drag Race star Charlie Hides chimed in with a, "We luv you 'Chi Chi!'” Activist Parker Malloy wrote, "Right on." Another fan added, "Thank you. Your message of luv is appreciated. Whether people agree or disagree the amount of hate speech directed at the trans community is horrifying. Trans people are being used as political pawns to sow division for power. People need to wake up to what is really going on."

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