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7 Accurate Reviews of Popular Sex Toys for Women

7 Accurate Reviews of Popular Sex Toys for Women

7 Accurate Reviews of Popular Sex Toys for Women

What lesbian doesn’t love walking into a sex shop and looking at sex toys? Sex toys are fun to play with in bed, and offer us a chance explore our bodies, our urges and those of our partners. Plus, they beat out all other adult products (lingerie, porn, you name it) as America’s favorite bedroom accessory.

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Sex toys make people blush and it's partially because of the shame some people associate with sex. But since slut shaming is bullshit, we shouldn’t be embarrassed about our sexual histories and experience. It’s about fucking time we aren't ashamed using sex toys. Luckily, we found some strong, independent women who were down to anonymously share their reviews on popular sex toys.

1. RodeoH


RodeoH is a lesbian favorite, not just because the underwear are hot on literally everyone, but because they provide an option for all those who complain about strapped and strapless dildos. You can get them in lots of different colors, patterns and all kinds of lengths and widths online, or at any retailer that carries the brand.

“Using RodeoH was like an entirely new strap-on experience, and after having dabbled in the strapped world, and failing miserably at keeping a strapless dildo inside me, the experience was definitely a fun one. I’m not sure if you can incorporate having a vibrator in RodeoHs, but even that isn’t really necessary. If the wearer wants some stimulation, it’s as easy as ‘unclipping’ the dildo from the underwear and sticking your girl’s hand down your pants. Done.”

2. Feeldoe


When the Feedloe debuted, many hailed it for it’s dual-wearing design of replicating the very real feeling of having a dick in-between your legs. Feedloe comes in all lengths, widths, colors and you can even buy a vibrating bullet to place inside the silicone!

“As much as I wanted to love Feedloe’s, this thing just didn’t work for me. I bought the classic purple one, got the bullet and enticed my girlfriend with a new sex toy that was going to be life-changing. It was great, like many dildos are, but it wasn’t life-changing. Perhaps I wasn’t skilled enough or have strong enough vagina walls, but that fucker did not want to stay inside me (I was the wearer). The experience of getting wet made it incredibly difficult for me to wear it for very long. I think this would better serve genderqueer people who want to feel what it's like to have a penis on all day as opposed to people trying to get off. I did have a lot of fun using it with my hand though.”

3. LEAF Vibes


Leaf offers six different vibrators, all of which resemble plants. You can get them in green or purple (purple is the 'plus' option and that means more intensity), they come in silicone and offer strong vibrations through it's Powerbullet technology. They’re incredibly affordable, so you can just keep buying them ’til you find the one you love!

“I’m a big fan of leaf vibrators. I’ve owned two at this point. The 'vitality' is my personal favorite and my girlfriend's because it can easily slide inside and on top of her clit. I like the 'spirit' to use on myself because it sculpts to my body, and is comfortable to hold. I will most likely be a lifelong leaf vibrator customer. You should try these.”

4. Insignia Soraya by LELO


The coolest thing about the Soraya is the cut-out handle that allows for serious versatility with your partner. The design outdoes the old school rabbit vibrator (made famous by Sex and the City and then infamous for the untested and potentially dangerous gummy texture), but still offers dual stimulation and even has a rechargeable battery.

“Soraya’s are the bomb. I can’t believe more companies don’t have the cut-out handle on the bottom, because it really upgrades the old school vibrator that you have to hold like a carrot. This makes it so it’s an extension of your hand, which from my experience, is a lovely thing when using it alone and with someone else. I definitely plan to check out other products from this brand.”

5. Limon by Minna


Did you know squeeze technology is a thing? Squeeze technology, as in the tighter you squeeze this beautiful little vibrator, the more intense the vibrator becomes. Ya. That’s a thing. And it’s by Minna, a brand with quite the name in the toy world, notably, because they make things like the Limon.

“This vibrator caught my eye online because of it's bright color and round shape. Once I learned it had squeeze technology, I had to try it for myself. I have to say I do enjoy it, and it’s something I have frequently enjoyed using (alone and with my girl), but I can’t say it’s my absolute favorite. Sometimes, you just want to be able to push a button, and have the work done for you, you know? But I do have to say, sometimes doing all that work work can be really hot, and enhance the orgasm.”

6. Smile Makers

smile makers

This vibrator collection labels itself as the “friendliest collection of vibrators on the planet." It features 4 characters that resemble the shape of the toy: the Tennis Coach, the Millionaire, the Fireman and the Frenchman.

“I’m a HUGE fan of the Frenchman. The tongue-like design is literally so amazing. I feel like so many vibrators are all about the most intense vibration, and often forget that gentle, light touching is really what it’s about — at least for me. My girlfriend has used it with me before, and she ended up flipping the Frenchman around and put him inside of me. It kept vibrating. I wonder what the Fireman will feel like..”

7. Jimmy Jane Form 2

jimmy jane

Jimmy Jane Form 2 has won multiple awards as a sex toy, and with two flexible ears powered by two separate motors, it’s not surprising. The sheer amount of things you can do with this toy to tailor it to the person it’s being used on makes it a necessity in everybody’s sex drawer/box/trunk/closet.

“The Jimmy Jane Form 2 turned me off when I first learned about it because it was so damn expensive. I was comfortable shelling out $150 for a dildo, but a vibrator? Come on. A friend of mine ended up using one and swore it was worth all the fuss, so I buckled and ordered it. With such a high price tag, it was nice to see that it was a rechargeable toy. I’ve come to really love my Jimmy Jane  because it’s small, powerful and good for partners who’ve never used toys in bed before.”

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<p>A proud, queer, Latina, identical twin with a penchant for brash humans and things that make me cough laugh.</p>

<p>A proud, queer, Latina, identical twin with a penchant for brash humans and things that make me cough laugh.</p>