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Spain's Only Out Lesbian Politician Asks Closeted Politicos to Come Out

Spain's Only Out Lesbian Politician Asks Closeted Politicos to Come Out
Sunnivie Brydum

Spain's only openly lesbian politician asked her fellow closeted officials to come out at Madrid's annual Day of Lesbian Visibility on April 26. 

Ángeles Álvarez, a member of Spain's ruling Socialist Party, gathered with other out Spanish women in Madrid's central Puerta Del Sol on Saturday, speaking to the crowd and carrying a sign that read (in Spanish): "I am Ángeles Álvarez, a socialist deputy of congress — and a visible lesbian."

Álvarez, who has earned a reputation as a militant feminist who stands up for women's rights, according to GayStarNews, addressed members of the media on Saturday. 

"It’s time to break the silence," said Álvarez. "It’s time to live our lives out in the open and grant ourselves the right to happiness. Only with equality and visibility can we effect change."

Spain is a predominantly Roman Catholic country that nonetheless legalized marriage equality in 2005, and allows transgender people to update the gender marker on their license, passport, and birth certificate without requiring proof of surgery. 

Here's Álvarez (center, in the grey coat) on Saturday with her fellow out Spaniards:


Saturday's event marks this year's annual Day of Lesbian Visibility, coordinated by Spanish LGBT advocacy groups COGAM and Arcópoli, the gay-straight alliance at Madrid's Polytechnic University.

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