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The Addams Family Teaser Trailer Includes Queer Families

Raffy Ermac

An official teaser trailer for MGM and Universal Pictures' upcoming, animated The Addams Family movie was just released this week, and it's surprisingly queer-inclusive!

Towards the begining of the teaser, we see super cute sketches of a diverse array of different kinds of families, including families of color, interracial families, families with one parent, and families with same-sex parents!



"Every family is different, but some families are more different than others," a voiceover says, then introducing us to the grey-looking but iconic members of the Addams Family, including Wednesday, Morticia, and Gomez.

It's a simple, sweet gesture, but it's one that is appreciated by the fans!

Watch the teaser trailer below! And catch The Addams Family when it hits theaters later this year on October 11! (Just in time for Halloween!!)

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