4 Pride Songs Your Favorite Queer Artists Released Today

Taylor Henderson

1. "SWERLK" — Scissor Sisters, MNDR

Move over Bop It, because the Scissor Sisters have got some new music to make you move. Five years after they asked the world to have a kiki, the group released "SWERLK," a heart-pounding, house-beat anthem begging you to swirl it, twirl it, twerk it, swerve all the way to the dancefloor. You'll surely hear this song at every pride event this month.

2. "Inspired" — Miley Cyrus

In celebration of Pride Month, Miley Cyrus dedicated this powerful acoustic ballad to the LGBT community. She premiered the song at last weekend's One Love Manchester concert and is making a donation to the Happy Hippie Foundation in honor of the song. 

3. "We Could Be Beautiful" — Wrabel

In his latest music video for "We Could Be Beautiful," Wrabel wanders the hill country in rainbow-fringed attire as he pleads with a lover to recognize their own beauty. However, the gay singer also seems to be making a plea to the LGBT community as well, begging us all to see that wonderful prism of colors in ourselves. 

4. "Power" — Little Mix

Little Mix is fierce and in charge in their new video for "Power," the group's newest female empowerment anthem. In the video, the quartet commands respect with sickening dance moves, leads an all-female Pride march, and even features cameos from RuPaul's Drag Race queens Alaska, Willam, and Courtney Act! More power to you!

Listen to all of the songs on the playlist below, and find more new LGBT anthems here!

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