Still Exists: Rumors That Hillary Clinton Is A Lesbian

Still Exists: Rumors That Hillary Clinton Is A Lesbian

Bryan Fischer over at the American Family Association is scaring his followers with the concept that Hillary Clinton might not only be America's first female president in 2016, but also the first lesbian president if her expexted bid for the White House is sucessful.

I don't understand why this is even a scare tactic. Maybe Bryan Fischer thinks lesbians are scary? I would advise him to get to know a lesbian, but I don't know if any if any lesbians are willing to get to know him. Is this supposed to be an insult or something? Why is that even an insult? Lesbians are pretty cool (but as I mentioned above, he probably doesn't know that). Even though she's been married to a dude (you know, Bill Clinton, probably the straightest president in modern history) for decades, she's also denied the lesbian rumors. So does he really think that he's actually ruffling the feathers of the former Senator, Secretary of State, and First Lady by insinuating that she's a lesbian?



h/t Right Wing Watch

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