Out Invicta FC Fighter Cassie Robb Proud of UFC Support of Liz Carmouche and LGBT Fighters

Out Invicta FC Fighter Cassie Robb Proud of UFC Support of Liz Carmouche and LGBT Fighters

Invicta FC (Invicta Fighting Championships) fighter Cassie Robb said, during an interview with Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Examiner Eric Holden, that she is extremely pleased and proud that the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC) is so supportive of out lesbian Liz Carmouche.

"The Carmouche vs Rousey match shows that the UFC is not only willing to give women a chance to do what people thought only men could do, but that they are not judgmental of people's sexual orientation," Robb said according to the Examiner.

Robb is also an openly gay fighter, making her rounds on the newly formed Invicta circuit. Invicta’s 4th event, which coincides with Robb’s debut to the circuit, is scheduled for January 5th.

Robb went on to say, "That is a big deal to me because I myself am a lesbian and I know quite a few other MMA fighters who are as well. I don't think people look any differently at lesbian fighters. We are there to fight…Period!”

Invicta, founded earlier this year, is based in North Carolina and is the brainchild of Janet Martin and Shannon Knapp.  It exists solely to highlight female MMA fighters. Robb will face Laura Sanko in the bout. 

The UFC made headlines earlier this month when they announced that the first ever female bout will take place between Carmouche and Ronda Rousey at their UFC 157 event in Anaheim on February 2013.

"I think it is absolutely awesome that Liz Carmouche is fighting Ronda Rousey," Robb said. "Carmouche's courage and drive is definitely inspiring. I like that she isn't afraid to show or be who she is. She supports gays/lesbians by wearing a rainbow and I think that is beyond amazing."

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