The Way This Dad Reacted to His Son's Makeup Is So Freakin' Adorable

Brendan Haley

Makeup vlogger Andrew Edgerton warmed the internet's cold hearts with a short, sweet outtake from a makeup tutorial he was filming recently.

While Edgerton was casually filming his latest video for his YouTube channel, the beauty guru's father, Glenn, drops in unexpectedly, and his reaction is by far the most adorably enthusiastic thing you will hear all day.

Edgerton's hot pink eyeshadow look snatched the wig right off of his own dad's head, prompting a "That looks so freakin' awesome!" from a totally gagged Glenn.

Clearly this reaction struck a chord.

"It's so important for parents of children in the LGBTQ community to receive support at home," Edgerton said in an interview with BuzzFeed. And what a heartfelt kind of support, to amass more than 77,000 views.

When Edgerton informed his father of his newfound internet popularity, he had an even more heart-warming response...


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