10 Queer Songs Your Favorite Artists Released This Week

Taylor Henderson

WerQ: A collection of the latest LGBTQ (and LGBTQ-adjacent) music of 2017. Updated Fridays, for your convenience.

1. Future Friends - Superfruit

Gay duo Superfruit has been dropping hit after hit with the release of their new album, and the 'Future Friends' video is no exception.

2. Bad Ones - Matthew Dear, Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara are back with Matthew Dear in 

3. Bad At Love - Halsey

Halsey sings of old flames with men and women and past mistakes in the music video for this bisexual anthem.

4. New York - St. Vincent

St. Vicent serves minimalist looks, gags, and feels with the music video for her emotional new single.

5. All Good - Jabs

As Jaden Smith wordlessly strolls through the background, the indie songwriter reflects on the painful end of an old flame. 

6. I Thought You Loved Hunting - Mood Killer

Mood Killer toys with gender, self-expression, and societal expectations in this provocative post-apocalyptic visual midfuck.

7. yr heart - Hand Habits 

Queer musician Meg Duffy puts her heart on the line in this emotional folk tune. 

8. Provider - Frank Ocean

The bisexual superstar jazzy new music surprised fans earlier this week.

9. Anyone Else - Pvris

Led by the newly out Lyndsey Gunn, Pvris battles inner demons after a breakup in their latest music video.

10. What You're Looking For - John Errol

Errol sings of a fleeting same sex romance in this indie pop mid-tempo bop. 

WerQ: The Playlist

WerQ is updated Fridays with new LGBTQIA music. Find some awesome queer artists here, and check back in next Friday more.

Taylor Henderson is a pop culture nerd, music enthusiast, and equal opportunity stan. Follow him on Twitter @cornbreadsays. 

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