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Chris Pine Finally Addressed If Harry Styles Spat On Him

Chris Pine Finally Addressed If Harry Styles Spat On Him

Chris Pine Harry Styles Don't Worry Darling
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Here's what really happened...


It's been six months since Spitgate and actor Chris Pine has finally put the rumors to bed.

We're of course referring to the premiere of Don't Worry Darling at the Venice Film Festival. The stars were in attendance, including Pine, Harry Styles, Florence Pugh, and director Olivia Wilde.

Before the film ever premiered, it was doused in petty controversies that ultimately eclipsed the movie. At the premiere, Styles stood up over Pine and fans convinced themselves that the "Watermelon Sugar" spit on the actor, so much so that it became a widespread conspiracy theory.

Though Pine's publicist denied it at the time, Pine himself has taken the time to officially shut down the rumor.

“Harry did not spit on me,” Pine told Esquire Magazine. “Harry is a very kind guy. I was on the plane and we’re flying back from Venice having a great time on the plane and my publicist wakes me up and says, ‘We have to craft a statement on what happened in Venice.’ She showed me the thing and it did look, indeed, like Harry spit on me. He didn’t spit on me.”

Pine recalled what actually happened in that moment.

“I think Harry leaned down and said, ‘It’s just words isn’t it? We had this little joke. We were all jet lagged and trying to answer questions and sometimes when you’re doing these press things your brain goes befuddled and you start speaking gibberish, so we had a joke: ‘It’s just words.'”

And about the rest of the rumored behind-the-scenes chaos, Pine wasn't here for any of it. “If there was drama, there was drama. I absolutely didn’t know about it, nor really would I have cared.”

Pine then proceeds to call out the gossip that swallowed Don't Worry Darling whole.

“If I feel badly, it’s because the vitriol that the movie got was absolutely out of proportion with what was onscreen,” he said. "Venice was normal things getting swept up in a narrative that people wanted to make, compounded by the metastasizing that can happen in the Twitter-sphere. It was ridiculous.”

Watch his interview below:

Chris Pine Addresses Harry Styles Spitting Rumor *What REALLY Happened* | Explain This |

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