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Katie Mills Begs JoJo Siwa To 'Stop Attacking' Her After Messy TikTok

Katie Mills Begs JoJo Siwa To 'Stop Attacking' Her After Messy TikTok

JoJo Siwa, Katie Mills
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Mills slammed Siwa for continuing to post videos shading her and Avery Cyrus.


JoJo Siwa’s ex-girlfriend is pleading with the influencer to “knock it off” after a new video stirred up old drama.

“I’m done being quiet,” Katie Mills said in a TikTok posted Tuesday. “You hold a lot of power, you and your platform. How can you tell someone that you love them, and then ghost them the next day, and then post all over the internet that we’re clout chasers and love bombers? I don’t get it.”

Mills was responding to a video Siwa had recently posted in which she pretended to dodge “clout chasing,” “love bombing,” and “ex’s,” throwing up red flag emojis and writing, “Me trying to find love…”


It’s entertaining thats for sure

Siwa and Mills dated for roughly a month a little over a year ago, although the video also appears to reference the Dance Moms alum’s more recent ex, Avery Cyrus, who she dated from September to December of 2022.

The end of that relationship was marked by Siwa’s mother, Jessalynn, sharing a video of her daughter angrily pacing and claiming that she had been “tricked into being told I was loved” and used “for views and clout,” although she shared no further details. Cyrus had recently posted a video showing her ex had given her a “sorry for breaking up with you” gift during a cruise together, suggesting they were still on good terms, and subsequently publicly denied knowing what Siwa was ranting about.

Although Cyrus hasn’t made a video of her own in response to Siwa’s recent TikTok, Mills had no qualms with speaking up for both of them.

“You sent me and Avery through hell for months and gave us no explanation why. You know we weren’t love bombers or clout chasers,” she said, insisting public outings had always been Siwa’s suggestions and that she never posted anything about the two of them without asking for permission.


#stitch with @itsjojosiwa theres been enough damage done. please leave us alone

“Everything was starting to die, everything was starting to be quiet. But now that you posted a video like this coming at us, we’re getting the DMs back, the comments back,” she continued. “Knock it off. You know me and Avery can’t defend ourselves so stop attacking us. Leave us alone.”

And buried deep within the comments was a note from Avery, reading only: “LOUDERRRRR.”

Some fans are defending Siwa for speaking about her perspective on her experiences while others agree with Mills that it’s an irresponsible use of her platform, but for some, all the chaos is just serving as a cautionary tale about dating in the age of social media.

Is JoJo Siwa in a relationship?

Siwa does not currently appear to be in a relationship.

Does JoJo Siwa have a kid?

Despite recently making controversial videos insinuating she's pregnant, Siwa does not currently have any children.

How old is JoJo Siwa?

Siwa was born May 19, 2003.

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