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DC's Pride Issue Features Bisexual Team Up Of Superman & Constantine

DC's Pride Issue Features Bisexual Team Up Of Superman & Constantine

Constantine, Jon Kent, and Jay Nakamura
Courtesy of DC Comics

And here's your Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy update...


Bisexuals, link up! DC is teasing its upcoming 2023 Pride Issue and the queers are getting everything they wanted.

Coming this June is the DC Pride 2023 #1 issue, which will spotlight some iconic team-ups from some of our favorite queer heroes, including Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, the new bisexual Superman Jon Kent and Constantine, and Tim Drake and Connor Hawke.

The official description reads:

"DC Pride is back again with a brave and bold and all-new collection of stories starring DC’s fan-favorite stable of LGBTQIA+ characters—many of whom will find themselves in thrilling team-ups the likes of which you’ve never seen before! Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy go to extreme measures to get a little alone time…but there’s nowhere on the planet Crush can’t crash! Jon Kent gets a comprehensive course in dark magic when John Constantine sics a golem on him. Tim Drake and Connor Hawke learn that there’s nothing more awkward than reuniting with an old friend after you’ve both come out and one of you was indoctrinated by the League of Shadows for a while. Circuit Breaker struggles to stifle his powers after the Flash of Earth-11 leaps out of the time stream and knocks them both into another dimension. Just how far would Flashlight go to honor his lost love? All these stories and many more in DC Pride 2023!"

Jon Kent's Superman controversially came out as bisexual in the 2021 Pride issue. Fans are hyped to see how Kent will clash with Constantine, who has been bisexual since a 1992 issue.

And after their tearful breakup last year, readers can't wait to see more of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy's hot and cold relationship.

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