10 Up-And-Coming Lesbian Comedians to Fangirl Over

Briana Gonzalez

If we were going to identify which industry provides the most visibility of queer women, it would undeniably by comedy. Comedy has become a space where even bigots feel comfortable seeing queer women run the show. Because who don’t love laughing?!

For that reason, lesbians need to cotinue to dominate the comedy scene. Most of us (and everyone else) are already fans of OG comediennes Wanda Sykes, Margaret Cho, Lea DeLaria, Rose O’Donnell, Lily Tomlin, Tig Notaro and the one and only Ellen Degeneres. But there are so many talented ladies out there making people laugh. Up-and-coming women need your laughs too; here are a few I think you'll dig! 

Brittany Ashley

You probably recognize Brittany from Buzzfeed Video. She made her debut in a viral Buzzfeed vid, but her standup is more on our level.

Cameron Esposito

Remember that video series “Ask a Lesbian?” where the internet asked lesbian questions and got lesbian answers? That was Cameron!

Lianna Carrera

We’re big fans of this Virigina comic, who you might have seen on AfterEllen Live

Emma Willmann

This rural girl from Maine loves to talk about her crappy dating experiences and having dyslexia. Her energy and humor is infectious.

Sam Jay

Sam has an incredibly laid back approach to comedy — she's refreshingly funny. She loves joking about black culture, sex and stupid people.

Zoe Lyons 

There's no American who isn't interested in watching a cute and hilarious English comedien tromp around a stage and tell jokes.

Catherine McCormick

If being a hilarious, proud bisexual woman isn’t enough, nothing is off limits to Catherine, which makes her the absolute best.

Irene Tu

This young comic is making a name for herself with hilarious punchlines on her androgynous appearance and weird things people say to Asians. Just watch. 

Caroline Bassett

Smart humor is the best humor. That’s all we have say.

Mae Martin

As a Canadian transplant in London, her British humor, impressions, and singing is on point. Ya, she’s a catch.

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