Heather Morris Kisses Naya Rivera and Tells - Watch

Heather Morris Kisses Naya Rivera and Tells - Watch

Prior to Tuesday’s emotionally charged episode of Glee E!Onine caught up with several cast members to chat about the episode and the upcoming season finale. And E! got Heather Morris, who plays the adorable bisexual  Cheerio Brittany, to chat a little bit about what makes Brittany’s relationship with Santana (Naya Rivera) so special.

Morris is apparently one to kiss and tell because amidst discussing the relationship between the characters she also spilled that she and Naya are continually kissing on set at the behest of the director who “loves to have couples make out (in the background of shots),” she said. But apparently Morris and Rivera don’t mind kissing on cue. “We just think it’s cute,” Morris said.

The killer dancer also said that it looks as though the Brittana relationship will remain happy and healthy -- at least for the time being. “We’re the best couple,” Morris boasted. “We’re perfect!

Watch the interview with Morris below. 

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