Three Reasons Why You Should Watch 'Revolution' Tonight

Three Reasons Why You Should Watch 'Revolution' Tonight

Revolution, NBC’s newest TV series, which debuts tonight, is an eco-warrior’s wet dream of a show. If follows some sort of unknown event (Is it man made? Natural? We don’t know) in which the electricity just switched off and the country is suddenly thrust back into the dark ages. Planes fall from the sky, hospitals shut down, and communication is impossible. It’s 15 years later and a teenage girl goes on a daring coming-of-age journey in which we assume she’ll find the answers to the mystery.

1. Charlie Matheson:

The series centers around teenaged Charlie Matheson (played by relative newcomer Tracy Spiridakos), an 18-year-old hunter who goes on the epic quest to find her kidnapped brother after her father is killed by the militia. Charlie is an archer with shades Katniss in Hunger Games; she’s self-assured, smart, strong, and butch. She shows compassion in the first episode, but this is not a girl who’s going to be falling for boys all season.

2. Daniella Alonso:

She’ best know as Anna on One Tree Hill, but this Puerto Rican-Peruvian-Japanese former model and karate champ has had turns on a number of TV series including Rizzoli & Isles (she played Riley, the undercover cop who one-ups the boys). Anytime she’s on screen she’s a sight to behold, and in Revolution she plays Nora, a rebel fighting the militia. That means ass-kicking time.

3. Elizabeth Mitchell:

Mitchell plays Rachel. The Lost star has had a large lesbian following since her role as Linda opposite Angelina Jolie in Gia. In that film about the doomed supermodel, Gia Carangi poses nude with Linda, a makeup artist, and they have passionate sex right after a photo shoot that leads to, you guessed it, an even more passionate love affair. So we’ve seen Mitchell naked and have never forgotten it. 

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