Watch: De'Borah Does P!nk's 'Who Knew' on 'The Voice'

Watch: De'Borah Does P!nk's 'Who Knew' on 'The Voice'
Tracy E. Gilchrist

De’Borah Garner, the out lesbian preacher’s daughter with the big voice and an even bigger spirit took to the stage for first round of The Voice’s live shows Wednesday and blew the doors off of the venue with a fierce rendition of P!nk’s ‘Who Knew.’

Sporting her signature skinny jeans, cardigans and plastic-framed glasses, Team Christina’s De’Borah paid homage to the P!nk, the woman whose song she was singing, by accenting her look with a pink shirt, pink glasses frames and pink pants.

When all was said and done De’Borah had covered every inch of the stage tearing up the song in a way that would have made P!nk herself proud.

Still in the mood to vote this week I know I picked up my phone and cast a vote for the powerhouse De’Borah.

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