Watch: Martina Navratilova Rips Feminist Bookstore on 'Portlandia'

Watch: Martina Navratilova Rips Feminist Bookstore on 'Portlandia'

Who knew Martina Navratilova has such a hip(ster) sense of humor? The out tennis legend made a very funny guest turn on a recent episode ofPortlandia, appearing with the show’s resident brittle lesbians, Toni and Candace (played by bisexual Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen in dyke drag).

The gay ladies run Portland’s dysfunctional Women and Women First bookstore, where they heap judgment and scorn on their patrons, eventually driving most away. Martina, playing herself, received such treatment and, in the skit, writes a nasty Yelp review of the  bookstore. Martina lists on her Yelp profile that she’s fond of a certain sports bar and Toni and Candace take off in hot pursuit, though they don’t realize they’re chasing the world’s best tennis player.
Watch the three face off. P.s. Martina looks smokin’.

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