WATCH: 'Easy Abby' - Ep. 10, 'Icing on the Sponge Cake'

WATCH: 'Easy Abby' - Ep. 10, 'Icing on the Sponge Cake'
Tracy E. Gilchrist

Check out the latest episode of the super-smart, funny and sexy lesbian web series Easy Abby fromWendy Jo Carlton, the director of Hannah Free and Jamie & Jessie are Not Together.

Abby (Lisa Cordileone) has an anxiety disorder that is only soothed by seducing women. She has never been in love and doesn't want to be!

Easy Abby Ep. 10: “Icing on the Sponge Cake”

While tending bar at a reception with her buddy Stan, Abby can't resist a stunning request from the mother-of-the-bride.

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Tags: #Women

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