Will Callie and Arizona Be the First Major TV Couple to Get a 'Lesbian Divorce?'

Will Callie and Arizona Be the First Major TV Couple to Get a 'Lesbian Divorce?'

With so much amazing Sapphic storytelling on television this summer perennial faves like Grey’s Anatomy’s Callie (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) might not have been missed quite as much as in prior years. But with summer’s end and the fall TV season around the corner Grey’s creator and puppet master extraordinaire Shonda Rhimes is busy teasing with tidbits about just how Arizona’s infidelity with a brilliant heart surgeon – and subsequent confession -- will play out when the series returns in September.

When Grey’s season 9 finale aired last May, television’s favorite lady doc couple was headed for splitsville when Callie put it together that Arizona had cheated with the visiting heart doc, played by Hilarie Burton.  Rhimes talked with The Hollywood Reporter about what’s in store for the couple.

In the interview Rhimes would not commit to an end to the relationship even if that's how it looked when Callie and Arizona had the mother of all blow-outs in the finale. 

We're going to get to see a very interesting journey for both women,” Rhimes told THR. “I'm excited about it. I feel like one of two things will happen: They'll end up getting back together and we'll see this journey and watch them fight through it, or they won't and we'll get to see what happens when there's more than one major lesbian relationship on a big television show.”

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When asked if Callie and Arizona might be the first major lesbian couple on TV to divorce (even though they were married in Washington State before it was legal) Rhimes seemed to balk at the idea, basically saying that Calzona needs their ups and downs like every other non-same-sex couple on the show.

“We let all the other characters on Grey's Anatomy go through everything. It puts Callie and Arizona in a lesbian ghetto the way it does when there's a black character on TV and they always have to be good and can't do anything wrong. It puts them into a lesbian ghetto if they can only be happy and perfectly married,” Rhimes insisted. “Let's let them be complex. Let's let them have the same three-dimensional story lines that every other character on television has…”

Rhimes non-commitment to ending Callie and Arizona is a good thing right?

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