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Meghan Trainor Apologizes for Drag Race Onesie, Denies Stealing Food

Meghan Trainor Apologizes for 'Drag Race' Onesie, Denies Stealing Food

Meghan Trainor Apologizes for 'Drag Race' Onesie, Denies Stealing Food

The pop star shared her side of the drama that her 2017 appearance caused.


"All About That Bass" singer Meghan Trainor squashed some persistent rumors on TikTok recently. 

The pop star is trending on the social media app and user @heartthrobert used the opportunity to remind the world of when Trainor appeared as a guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race

In Season 9, Episode 5, Trainor judges the "Kardashian: The Musical" challenge. She did a perfectly fine job, but many fans weren't happy with her attire. Celebrities usually go all out with their fashion, while Trainor just wore a simple unicorn onesie on the judges panel. 

Years later, one of the contestants on the show, Trinity the Tuck, added fuel to the fire, saying that Trainor stole food from the drag queens.

"Meghan Trainor was to me just like disrespectful, like not, not as in like a diva per se," the All Stars 4 winner told The Sun. "She just was very blase. And like, didn't seem like she was excited to be there."

The queen then adds that Trainor stole "one of the girls sandwiches on set from catering. She just wanted it. And she's like, 'I'm going to take it,' I don't know if she probably didn't even know it was theirs, but yeah, she took one of their sandwiches that, and one of the girls didn't have their sandwich." The Tuck concludes, "They had to go get their food elsewhere."



Insanity. #meghantrainor #dragrace #dragqueen #drag #trinitythetuck


TikTok was able to laugh about it all, but Trainor took to the comments to tell her side of the story. 

"Lmao…why," she wrote alongside some emojis. "didn’t eat anyones sandwhich hahahaha i promise."

She then apologized for her attire, writing she "never meant to disrespect anyone. I was in the middle of my tour and had zero time to do a fitting and get an outfit and asked the show i could wear my unicorn onesie lol and they said yes. So sorry."

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