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30 awkward things guys do in yoga

30 awkward things guys do in yoga

30 awkward things guys do in yoga

Don't let things things get in the way of your namaste.


Don't let things things get in the way of your namaste.

gay men doing yoga


Anyone who's been to a yoga class knows the importance of connecting to your breath and your body. We all have our reasons for doing yoga in the first place, whether to expand our flexibility and mobility or increase our strength, but that doesn't mean all social graces need to go out the door when you hit your mat.

In general, it's great that men are doing yoga more often, but sometimes, guys just don't know how to behave in class.

Here are 30 awkward things guys do in yoga.


guy in the gym


Just try and stay quiet.


man in forearm side plank


Yes, we know it's hard. We know it burns. Just breathe through it and do your best.

Asking Too Many Questions

man on the treadmill


There's a time and a place.

Touching Himself Inappropriately

man in his underwear


It's not that we don't want to see it, we just don't want to see it here.

Picking His Belly Button Lint

man picking his belly


I hate to admit I'm guilty of this.

Non-Stop Moaning

man moaning


Seriously? You moan everytime you move.

Sweating On Everything

sweat on a body


It's yoga, you're supposed to sweat. But, you're also supposed to clean up your sweat.

Grunting When It's Hard

man screaming


Grunting is a sign you're not ready for that pose. Relax, keep quiet, and take a child's pose.

Undressing Dramatically

man taking off his shirt


Yes, it's hot. But, when you whip off your drenched shirt, your sweat gets on everyone.

Going Rogue

pug stretching


Everyone's in down dog on their mats and you're landing hard from a handstand in the middle of the room. It's not your living room.

Letting Your Junk Go Rogue

man bent over


Whoa! You just flashed your jewels to the poor old lady on the mat next to you. You might want to ditch the booty shorts.

Picking At Your Toenail Lint

man picking toenail lint


That lint that's been under your big toe for weeks probably doesn't need to come out and/or get tossed on to the yoga floor while you're stretching. It's been there a while. You can leave it there a little longer.

Silent and Deadly Farting

man doing a warrior 2


Remember, people close to you are breathing deeply, and now they're breathing in your deadly farts.

Audible Farting

man in a side plank


Everyone around you pretends they didn't hear it. Farting is natural, so you have every right, right? Wrong.

No Sense of Personal Space

people touching in yoga

Comedy Central

You came in late and laid your mat down two inches from that tiny woman who now has to deal with your armpit hair in her face when you do a twisting pose.

Crowding the Mat Next to You

rolled up yoga mats


The room is crowded, and this isn't a ballet class, so you may want to reign in some of those fancy kicks and stretches that land on your neigbor's mat. Your feet have not been vetted.


man sleeping


Sure, yoga is relaxing, but snoring in child's pose or savasana means you're not quite in the moment.

Leaving Your Phone On

man on the phone


Turn your phone off. Nobody wants to hear your Britney ring tone while they're in plow pose.

Obnoxiously Checking Out Hot People

men checking each other out


Keep your eyes on the mat and your mind on the practice. It's true that a lot of REALLY hot people do yoga, but try not to check them out mid-twist.

Giggling at Terms Like Pelvic Floor

man holding a yoga mat


Your instructor may tell you to lift your pelvic floor. Yes, it's funny, but it's also good for you. Try not to giggle.

Examining Body Parts

man checking himself out in the mirror


That mole or skintag has probably been there for a while. Maybe wait until after class to really dig in and pick at it.

Sniffing Arm Pits

man smelling his armpits


If you think your armpits smell, they probably do. Wait until you get out of class before you take a wiff.

Carelessly Letting the Man Bun Out

man doing a downward dog


You love your man bun. Everyone does these days, but please don't undo it and shake out your locks while you're heading into a side plank. That guy on the mat next to you doesn't want your hair across his face.

Overdoing the Patchouli

man with a clip on his nose


Patchouli definitely sets a particular tone, but maybe the older woman eight mats away from you doesn't want to relive her '70s commune life while she's trying to get into crow pose.


man pinching his nose


You may love the way you smell after marinating in a onesie bingeing on Sense 8 for a weekened, but that doesn't mean the people around you will appreciate it.

Rubbing Your Ass Muscles

man rubbing his butt


We get it. Your muscles are tight. You don't really need to dig into your glute muscles while in that forward fold three inches from that guy who's just trying to focus on his practice. That's what yoga's for to loosen you up.

Popping a Boner

banana in the jeans


Sure, that instructor is hot, especially when he/she's adjusting you. Plus, boners happen, right? Try to keep your mind on the practice, and maybe your mat neighbors won't get a load of your chubby.

Non-Stop Chatter

men with water bottles


Yoga is supposed to be meditative, so why are you commenting on how difficult everything is or making excuses to your neighbor about why you can't do a headstand? She doesn't care.

Arriving Late and Making a Scene

man with megaphone


If you show up late, quietly lay out your mat and join the group. Dropping your yoga bag from three feet above the floor and unfurling your mat like it's a flag on a battleship only makes you look like you crave attention.


man burping


Maybe, if you know you're doing yoga that day, you might want to choose something easier on the digestive system than that chili dog with extra onions.

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Andrew J. Stillman is a freelance writer and yoga instructor exploring the world. Check him out at or follow him @andrewjstillman on all the things.