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Archie Comics To Reintroduce This Classic '80s Character As Trans

​Archie Comics To Reintroduce Classic '80s Character As Trans

Chilling Adventures Presents...Strange Science

She will be the first trans character to appear in the series.


Archie Comics is taking a big step forward, finally introducing its first ever trans character!

The modern iteration of Danni Malloy made her debut in Archie Horror Presents — The Cursed Library #1, released earlier this month as part of Free Comic Book Day. She took a backseat to that issue’s star character (and her best friend), Jinx Holliday, but we’ll be learning more about Danni in an upcoming one-shot that will include her coming out as trans.

“I never wanted Danni’s trans identity to be gimmicky, or for her to feel like she was only created to be trans,” writer Magdalene Vissagio told io9. “I wanted you to have a chance to fall in love with her for who she is, not what she is.”

Chilling Adventures Presents…Strange Science revolves around Danni and Jinx getting transported to a “warped version of Riverdale” alongside old friend Dilton Doiley, after the latter built a time machine.

Longtime Archie readers may recall Danni previously appearing as Dilton’s girlfriend in Dilton’s Strange Science back in 1989. The modern comics have rebooted the world, so bringing Danni back as a new character while still paying homage to her origins is a fun tie-in for fans.

“I’m honored I got to make it happen, and I’m grateful to Archie for never, not even once, pushing back on my insistence on making their books a little bit more queer,” Vissagio added. “I hope Danni finds a good home at Archie with supportive writers and artists helping to keep her alive for years to come.”

Strange Science will be release August 16, with interior art by Butch Mapa, main cover by Mapa and Ellie Wright, and a variant cover option by Skylar Patridge.

Is Riverdale based off Archie comics?


When did Archie Comics start?

Archie himself first appeared in Pep Comics #22 in December 1941.

Did Archie date Betty or Veronica in the comics?

Archie dated both Betty and Veronica in the comics.

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