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9 Times Princess Leia Was Our Sexual Awakening

9 Times Princess Leia Was Our Sexual Awakening

9 Times Princess Leia Was Our Sexual Awakening

Happy Star Wars Day, and "May the Fourth" be with you!


It's Star Wars Day everyone, and you know what that means?! Oh wait, some of you don't know what that means? Basically Star Wars is such a huge franchise that the world took a calendar day that kinda sounds like a catch phrase from the film (may the force/fourth be with you, etc.) and decided to make a whole celebration out of it. But whether you're a die-hard Star Wars fan or you still aren't sure what the difference between the Wars and the Trek is, there's something we can all agree on; Princess Leia is a straight-up fox. And, in many cases, she was also a sexual wake-up call for young, queer, sci-fi loving girls everywhere. Everything about her and her sharp, spirited wit and her tantalizing cinnamon bun hairstyle ignited in us a whole new intergalactic world of feelings - mostly a curious raging jealousy whenever Han Solo got to kiss her. And so here are nine Princess Leia(/Carrie Fisher, of course) moments that sparked our sexual awakening and stayed with us for a lifetime. Now, may the force - and only the fondest memories of Princess Leia - be with you!


9. When Princess Leia was a hologram trapped inside R2-D2

Say it with me now! "Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope." The first time Luke Skywalker sees Princess Leia in A New Hope, she's a glitchy hologram begging for some mysterious assistance. Troubleshooting issues aside, Luke is immediately taken by how cute this random hologram chick is and decides to change the entire course of his existence trying to help her. We get it, Luke. Cute girls sometimes make you want to save the galaxy. Now, let's all take a moment to remember that Princess Leia is also the utterly badass leader of the Rebel forces and not just your typical damsel in distress. And also, another friendly reminder that without Princess Leia there would basically no Star Wars at all, so there you go. Princess Leia is basically the coolest person in the galaxy.


8. That time Leia had to save the guys who came to save her. 

When Luke and Han Solo actually do manage to find Princess Leia, their escape plan doesn't go too well and they end up getting super attacked. Leia, who's started to realize these guys weren't exactly equipped for this rescue mission, grabs Luke's gun and gets them all to safety herself. So now Leia's the only reason this movie's happening and the only reason everyone's alive. You're welcome. 


7. Those razor-sharp insults. 

Laser brain? Scruffy-looking Nerf herder? It's a good thing the crew is on the ice planet of Toth at this point because Han Solo's going to need something chill to put on those burns.



6. The strong bond she formed with this Ewok. 

We'd love to share a snack on a log with Princess Leia, but only this hyper little Ewok dude got the opportunity. These two chatting it out until a mutual peace was reached is a pretty adorable moment in Leia history, especially considering the hardships she's faced up to this moment. Soon after, she and her Ewok pal were able to tag team some attackers and dash to safety. Friendship always wins! That is until your friends are about to become ritualistic Ewok barbecue. Then, you might need a little bit of the force on your side...

5. When she was fixing a ship like a pro and then kissed Han Solo and we were suddenly very jealous. 

 There is great disturbance in our force, am I right?


4. Her hairstyles are always living their absolute best life. 

Decked out on the Death Star? Check.


On point on Toth? You bet.


Killing it in Cloud City? You know it.


And this one might be-all and Endor of fantastic hairstyles.



3. The time Leia went undercover to save Han from Jabba's palace. 

Leia does her fair share of getting kidnapped throughout the entire franchise, but when she has the time/freedom, she's the master of her own fate and everyone else's. It kinda only went south from there, but she meant well! And she looked damn good too.

2. When she killed Jabba the Hutt (in that golden bikini thing). 

Yes, there's some gross objectification surrounding that infamous golden bikini thing, but there's also Leia badass-ily turning her chains into a murder weapon and slaying her captor. You thought you could bring her down, Jabba? Think again! And as per usual, her hair's still hella on point.


1. Princess Leia knows you love her.

During the Battle of Endor, Leia and many of our fave crew members are attacked by relentless stormtroopers. However, even after getting shot in the arm, Leia's ready to protect/defend and reveals a gun she's stashed for emergency situations. Han Solo finally says the 'L' word and Leia's response is the smirk-y "I know" Han once gave her. Consider everybody saved (once again) by Princess Freakin' Leia, and consider our sexuality awakened.


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