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Go Behind the Scenes for PRIDE’s High School Cover Shoot

Go Behind the Scenes for PRIDE’s High School Cover Shoot

Sara Quin, Railey Gilliland, Clea DuVall, Seazynn Gilliland, and Tegan Quin
Jen Rosenstein

To celebrate the show’s upcoming premiere, take a look at its stars and creators having fun behind the camera.


We’re not exaggerating when we say that the upcoming series High School is a must-watch show. Adapted from indie stars Tegan and Sara Quin’s memoir by the same name, it focuses on the twins as teens discovering their individuality, their queer identities, and their great shared love of music.

It’s a portrait of a time and place that’s both deeply personal and totally familiar to queer folks, particularly those who grew up in the ’90s. It’s poignant, powerful, entertaining, and cool. What else would you expect from the minds of not only Tegan and Sara but also Clea DuVall, who co-wrote and directed the series?

High School also introduces audiences to newcomers Railey and Seazynn Gilliland who play Tegan and Sara, respectively. You’d never suspect that these are the duo’s first acting roles — they were discovered on TikTok by the Quins — as their performances are much more akin to seasoned actors. It truly is a case of the universe bringing all the elements together perfectly.

All of this made the show and the women creating it a perfect fit for PRIDE’s first-ever digital cover story. We spoke with them all about the pleasure and pressures of telling this kind of story, plus all the strange and wonderful ways it came together. And, of course, we got to see that chemistry in person on the set of our first-ever photoshoot, which you can watch below.

Photographer: Jen Rosenstein @jenrosenstein
Digitech: Josh Fogel @josh_fogel
Photo Assistant & Behind-the-Scenes: Aly Whitman @alywhitman
PA: Vanessa Craig @vanessacraiglist
Hair: Railey & Seazynn, Nancilee Santos @nancileesantos; Tegan & Sara, Leticia Llesmin @leticiallesmin; Clea, Sheridan Ward Hair @ sheridanwardofficial
Makeup: Railey & Seazynn, Courtney Hart @courthart; Tegan & Sara, Leticia Llesmin
Styling: Railey, Seazynn, Tegan & Sara, Jade Hurtado @jadelhurtado; Clea, Edwin Ortega Styling @edwin.j.ortega

High School premieres October 14 exclusively on Freevee. Watch the trailer below.

[youtube expand=1 site_id=25299530] High School | Season 1 Trailer | Coming October

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