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7 Reasons You Should Date a Star Wars Fan

7 Reasons You Should Date a Star Wars Fan

7 Reasons You Should Date a Star Wars Fan

If you haven't seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet ... well, you might want to fix that before trying to date a Star Wars fan.

But if you have, then you know that Star Wars is back in a big way — and it's here to stay! Get on board, because now is the perfect time to date a Star Wars geek.

1. We're, like, totally hot right now

The latest movie in our beloved franchise is raking in stellar reviews ... and money. In fact, The Force Awakens is on track to become the biggest movie of all time, already breaking nearly every record for an opening weekend to date.

Leia Money

2. You'll never have trouble shopping for us

Don't know what to get us for Christmas/birthday/anniversary? Head to the Star Wars aisle in Target and you're golden.

Han All of It

3. We can help you with geeky watercooler convos

There's bound to be a coworker who is talking about all his crazy Star Wars theories. Date us, and we'll give you all the background info you'll need to come back with a coherent and equally geeky response.

Han I Know

4. We're always down to Star Wars and chill

Need a cute date night idea? Wine. Takeout. Star Wars. Done.

Star Wars Kiss

5. We know the difference between the Light and the Dark

We have a solid moral compass, but we know when and where to bend the rules to protect the ones we love.


6. We know how to handle a lightsaber

An elegant weapon, from a more civilized age ... *wink*wink*

Han Smile

7. We're Jedi in the streets but Sith in the sheets

This one's pretty self explanatory.

Anakin Fun

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