Chloë Grace Moretz Wants More LGBT Films Made by LGBT People

Brendan Haley

Chloë Grace Moretz is calling out Hollywood's lack of support for LGBT-made films.

The actress, who's currently starring in The Miseducation of Cameron Post, a gay conversion therapy film helmed by openly bisexual director Desiree Akhavan, said she believes that LGBT films should be made by LGBT directors and industry professionals.

"They’re still backing, first and foremost, the straight white man who is going to be putting out the movie that’s the safe bet," Moretz said in an interview with the LA Times, calling out how the Hollywood buzz behind Boy Erased, another upcoming drama about conversion therapy, but directed by (and starring) a straight white man. "They want something that’s a pretty package, but that’s still tolerable and acceptable. And I think that’s unfair."

When weighing in on her own film's diversity, she continued saying, "This movie was directed by a bisexual woman of diversity, it has a very diverse cast and we didn’t cast all celebrities."

Watch the trailer for The Miseducation of Cameron Post in the video below.

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