21 Reasons Why Carrie Underwood is the Undeniable Queen of Country

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With the recent announcement of her upcoming album, Storyteller, and the release of her new single ‘Smoke Break,’ it is very obvious that this new Carrie Underwood era is on the fast track to iconic. Carrie Underwood is the closest thing America has to royalty.

To further prove that Carrie has officially snatched the crown of country music, here are 21 reasons why Carrie Underwood is the undeniable queen of country. 

Carrie’s vocals are unparalleled…

And not just in Country music…

Rolling Stone named her the vocalist of her generation across ANY GENRE...

Her beauty is also unparalleled…


Her commitment to fitness,

to God,

And to the gays, is insanely commendable.

Her singles are iconic…

And you probably quote her without even realizing it.

If you combine the top 5 best-earning Idol contestants, their net worth still wouldn’t be as high as Carrie’s.

Oh, and she’s sold more albums that any other previous American Idol contestant.

She also holds the record for most #1’s on the Billboard Hot Country Chart…

And she’s won a couple Grammys (7 to be exact),

Speaking of 7, her debut album went 7x platinum and is the highest selling country album of the past decade.

Her marriage is #relationshipgoals to the extreme…

And her new family is something out of the movies.

She takes risks and breaks ratings records.

Carrie will be the first country artist to show at New York Fashion Week for her new clothing line: CALIA by Carrie Underwood.

Her transformation from waitress to American Idol winner to global superstar is the definition of the American dream.

Now please bow down for the rightful heir of the country music throne, Carrie Underwood.

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