Big Dipper's New Video 'Thiccness' Proves Sexiness Comes in Big Sizes

Raffy Ermac

Big Dipper—the self-proclaimed big boy of rap—is back and blessing our ears with yet another bop, this time in the form of "Thiccness," a fun, sensual track that celebrates the sexiness of bigger men.

"I like thicc guys so I wanted to make a song about being horny and on the hunt for a hot beefy dude," Big Dipper told PRIDE in a statement about the song. "It's that simple really."

And the track's energy translates very well into the recently released music video!

"The video for "Thiccness" shows the sexualization of bigger bodies that never happens in mainstream media," Big Dipper said about the video. "All the shots are like sIow and sensual and I wanted to feature confident guys who know they are sexy. There is an "everyman" quality to the narrative of the there is thiccness everywhere you look in the world and it can apply to lots of different sizes and lots of different people."

He continued:

"The song is so good that I wanted to do a video, but I was so tapped out from all the other singles and the album that I knew this video had to be super low budget and just about featuring all the guys. I reached out to some IRL friends, some guys on instagram, and I even used a hook up app to snag the daddies at the end of the video. We shot the video on 3 different nights and did it all really guerrilla style with no permits or permission and no lights or crew," he said about making the video." 

"I usually hate making videos in this way, but there wasn't really another option because of time and money. I much prefer to really sit with an idea and produce the hell out of every detail and make videos on a larger scale. But I'm actually totally obsessed with this video. I LOVE how it all turned out and the vibe is so spot on for the song. All the guys featured in the video are so charming and they really fit perfectly with the song."

"The video for "Thiccness" is sexy, fun, and a total vibe," Big Dipper said. "I'm should be too!"

Watch the exclusive premiere of Big Dipper's "Thiccness" in the video below! And for more on Big Dipper, follow him on Instagram and listen to his debut, full-length album Late Bloomer wherever you stream music! 

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